Diverse Books for December

Sunday, November 26, 2017
Can you believe the year is almost over? Time for another crazy busy December. This week, I'm sharing 10 more diverse books to hopefully make your December instruction a little easier.

December is a great month to add some more diverse books to your classroom library. With all the different holidays that come up around this time of the year, it's the perfect time to learn about other cultures. For more ideas on how to incorporate world holidays into your curriculum, check out last week's post here. I've included a few different books for the holidays below, plus a bonus upcoming release that I am super excited for!

Winter Holidays Around the World

Monday, November 20, 2017
December is just around the corner teacher friends! Who's excited to teach our kiddos about the holidays?! As much as I love fall, Christmastime is probably my favorite season of the year. ❤️

This season is also the perfect time to include diversity in our curriculum. One simple way to incorporate that is to teach students about different world celebrations. In this post, I'll be sharing a couple resources to help teach your students about winter holidays around the world.

Diverse Books for November

Sunday, November 5, 2017
I'm finally venturing back into the world of blogging. Part of the reason why I stopped for so long was because I never knew what to share, but I've decided this time around that I'm going to focus on things I am passionate about! Hopefully that will motivate me to post more often. 😊

One big thing I am passionate about is diverse literature. I believe it is so important for our students to see themselves reflected in our classroom libraries. Regardless of what your school's demographic population is, it is highly beneficial to include books about a variety of experiences. So, I will be sharing 10 books monthly that feature diverse topics or characters. I hope you enjoy! 💗

November is the perfect month to start this blog series. It's the month of Dia de los Muertos, Thanksgiving and it's Native American Heritage Month. I've included some of my favorite picks for each of these below. 
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